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Trumps Promises Kept

Elections stolen? Voter fraud and election meddling evidence comes out!

The fake news media is pretending none of this exists.   Authored by Ty & Charlene Bollinger   Since Election Day (November 3, 2020) we have been witnessing the most blatant instance of election fraud in the history of the USA! As we watched the election results unfold and we were going back and forth between Fox News and CNN, they all…
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Trump’s Bible by Dr. Clarence Sexton – The History of Donald Trump’s Bible and The Hebrides Revival

History of Donald Trump’s Bible and The Hebrides Revival by Pastor Clarence Sexton Dr. Clarence Sexton was saved at the age of 14. After high school, he married Evelyn Rogers, and, at the age of eighteen, he became pastor of his first church. In August of 1988, Dr. Sexton became pastor of Temple Baptist Church…
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Donald Trump coming to Dallas Oct. 17 for ‘Keep America Great’ campaign rally

President Donald Trump’s campaign announced Monday afternoon that he’s coming to the American Airlines Center in Dallas for a campaign rally on Oct. 17. It’s the first 2020 rally for Trump in Dallas, and his campaign said he plans to highlight Texas’ economy. He also held a rally at the American Airlines Center during his…
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The Campaign Is The Amplifier’: How Trump Plans To Fight Impeachment Push

President Trump’s White House is struggling with how to respond to the ever-growing Ukraine scandal as the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is set to take depositions from key witnesses this week. The Trump-Ukraine Affair: What You Need To Know And What’s Coming Next Instead of defending Trump from inside the White House, all signs suggest that Trump’s…
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Trump crashed the UN Climate Action Summit, where he applauded Narendra Modi and seemed to give Angela Merkel the cold shoulder

The US commander-in-chief dropped in for about 10 to 15 minutes before departing the General Assembly hall. A Business Insider reporter there saw him sit with pursed lips in the US’s seat, flanked by Pence, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mick Mulvaney, the acting chief of staff, behind him. He stayed for speeches…
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Trump delays tariff hikes by two weeks in ‘good will’ gesture to China

Trump said the postponement came “at the request of the Vice Premier of China, Liu He, and due to the fact that the People’s Republic of China will be celebrating their 70th Anniversary.” The tariffs were set to increase to 30% from 25% on the goods. He is set to be in Washington for talks…
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Trump overruled advisers, VP on Taliban Camp David meeting

The pine-shaded cabins at Camp David have hosted secret peace summits between Middle Eastern leaders and high-stakes gatherings of major heads of state. For President Donald Trump, the mountainside retreat offered visions of another diplomatic coup: clandestine talks between US, Afghan and Taliban officials that could end America’s longest war. Even opposition from within his own…
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Mike Pence’s decision to stay at Trump hotel in Ireland came after president’s ‘suggestion’, top aide says

A top aide to Mike Pence defended the vice president’s decision to stay at a Trump hotel during his trip to Ireland. Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force Two, chief of staff Marc Short said the idea to stay at the Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Doonbeg, Ireland, was a “suggestion” from President Donald Trump.…
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Jacksonville improved after Donald Trump’s help

August: The Hottest Month of the Year and Local News was just as Hot We had way too many Stink Eyes this Month and we hate that. We hope September will give us a lot of Winks for our Mayor, City Council, School Board and Independent Authorities. We still believe pats on the backs and…
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Trump dismisses recession worries: ‘Our economy is the best in the world’

Trump: We’re not having a recession President Trump offered an optimistic outlook of the economy Sunday and dismissed concerns of a looming recession after losses in financial markets last week and amid his ongoing trade war with China that some say could determine his re-election chances in 2020. “I don’t think we’re having a recession,” Trump told…
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