Jacksonville improved after Donald Trump’s help

Trumps Promises Kept

Jacksonville improved after Donald Trump’s help

August: The Hottest Month of the Year and Local News was just as Hot

We had way too many Stink Eyes this Month and we hate that. We hope September will give us a lot of Winks for our Mayor, City Council, School Board and Independent Authorities. We still believe pats on the backs and wink eyes will help them make great decisions for the benefit of all citizens of Duval County. You get more with honey than you do with vinegar. Here are a few links to some of our Stink Eye stories.

Lloyd “Scoop” Brown isn’t convinced with Mayor Curry’s JEA pitch. Read more here:

Regarding JEA — Did you hear the Worldwide Socialists wrote about our utility? What’s up with that?

Regarding raising our taxes due to climate change. What?

Eye asks: Is it time for the Mayor’s office to be investigated?


And here are a couple of stories that brought out the Think Eye

Is Mayor Curry leading or others pulling his strings?

Duval County Schools: Why not sell your tax increase & let the people decide?

The Good News is we did have a few Wink Eyes to share

High school students have taken a greater interest in politics than ever before

New biography on former mayor Jake Godbold is a worthwhile summer read


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Here is one post from our Social Media sites that created a lot of shares and comments.

We asked the question:
If you knew there might be a possibility of losing your job, would you build a new home?

That’s what we asked ourselves regarding the board of JEA and their decision making. What say you?

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